Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

June 2016 Session Recap

Whew!  What a night!  Tonight we celebrated our One Year Anniversary of the Ft. Thomas Ronald McDonald house Comfort Quilt Group.  All the usual suspects were there, and we also had some new drop ins and potential new members.  We started off the year right with 29 quilts and 49 ouch buddies!

Mom and I quilted some flannel strip quilts.  I pieced these to use up my flannel scraps as I was cleaning out my stash and also created a nice modern look to some cozy quilts.

One quilter stopped in with a bag full of quilts that her quilt group picked up from the Lawrenceburg quilt show. She also dropped off a panel she had done, even if it wasn’t the standard 40″ x 40″, I told her some lucky kid would be happy to love it.  This group is also lucky enough to have a friend who just bought a long-arm and wanted to practice on their quilts 🙂

We have quilters at all skill levels in our group, and it’s wonderful to see their excitement and progression in their quilts.  Here are some of the other quilts we received tonight:

Next month we are going to work on some jelly roll quilt patterns to utilize the fabric I was able to secure along with some other RMH CQ leaders at our Connecting Threads warehouse trip in March.  They are a great company that allows one charity a month to go through their scraps from bolt ends, miscuts, etc. so they don’t have to go to a landfill.  Here is one quilt I made as an example:


I can’t wait to see all the fun quilts that come out of this excursion!

To see our group’s progression, check out the Ft. Thomas RMH CQ Tally.

Thanks to everyone for a great year and a fantastic start to the next one!

~ Emily

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2 thoughts on “June 2016 Session Recap

  1. Happy Anniversary! Looks like your group is very productive. Those are some beautiful quilts that will make many children so happy to receive. And thanks so much for sharing at the Let’s Bee Social!


    1. Thanks Lorna! I’m trying to be more active on my blog so I can take part more often. Thanks for giving me a little “nudge” with this outlet 🙂


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