Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

May 2017 Session Recap

We closed year 2 last night for the Ft. Thomas group of Ronald McDonald House Comfort Quilters. What a successful year! We brought in 289 quilts, that is 14% of what the House gives to children (based off last year’s numbers) from our little group! We also turned in 424 ouch buddies, 21 stockings, 20 oven mitts, and 7 pillowcases too. Woot woot!

Christy and Dona are new quilters that have really taken off in our group:

Virginia made a few variations of Moda’s Marmalade Squares (Two!) pattern:

Brenda mastered the Disappearing Pinwheel Arrow pattern from MSQC. The backs were super cool too but I didn’t take pictures :/

Jean and Jan turned in some wonderful quilts, too:

I finally got around to making a scrappy crayon quilt. We’ve all seen pictures of this somewhere, so I got the old graph paper out and figured out how to make it perfect for RMH and use up some scraps. I’d need to make 50 of these to put a dent in that bin:


Thanks for a wonderful second year of our group!

~ Emily

6 thoughts on “May 2017 Session Recap

  1. Kudos to you for leading this effort. I am sure these quilts will bring comfort to the recipients. And yes, I love the crayon quilt too 🙂


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