2023 Quilt Themes

This year, we’ve chosen 24 themes for motivation and to share fun patterns or techniques. There are two assigned for each month listed below so you can plan for the year. It’s time to go through your stash of fabric and patterns to choose what will match for each month!

Please note: This is not mandatory. We are volunteers. What’s going to happen to you if you choose not to participate? Nada. You can continue turning in any other quilt you’d like to make that has nothing to do with a theme. Just have fun!

How this works:

I would love for you to turn in a finished quilt (or two or twelve, whatever your little heart desires) in the month listed with the theme assigned to it. That way, we have a nice gallery of quilts to look at and exchange ideas.

You can make blocks, use fabric or panels with the theme printed on it, applique, make one large quilt with the theme, etc. Your interpretation is part of the fun!

Each month is listed below with some buttons to take you to quick searches for ideas to help get the creative juices flowing. Have fun with this!

I hope these silly pictures and search buttons have given you some inspiration or maybe reminded you of some patterns or fabric you have that would match these themes so you can play along. If you need help, please let me know. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

I made a couple files you can download and/or print if you’d like so you don’t need to reference this page for reminders too:

Happy sewing!

~ Emily

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