The Year of the Stash 2016

RMH Quilts July 7 2015

Last summer, I decided to lead a quilt group for the Ronald McDonald House Comfort Quilt program.  Even though I worked close to the House, all the sessions were during work hours, and I’m a full time working girl, so I was unable to attend.  I stopped in and asked if I could host an evening session, and now, 7 months later, my craft room has become 60% RMH stash and my own stash has gotten pushed into boxes and closets.

Here’s a pic of the quilts turned in from one of the first sessions:

Now we are in 2016, and I decided this year I wanted to learn at least one new technique and clear out the stashes!  I thought a good way to do this was to join a Quilt-A-Long or two, which is exactly what I did.  I like using the RMH quilts as testing grounds for new patterns and ideas since the quilts are only 40″ x 40″ and not a huge commitment.

I found Lori Holt’s Bee In My Bonnet site with her Bloom QAL. I love her fabrics, and I had just gotten the Farm Girl Vintage book, so I knew I liked her style.  Her Bloom QAL features her Bloom templates and applique. Gasp!  I’ve never done that! Not officially anyway.  So, there’s my new technique this year – and instead of buying her fabrics (which I totally drooled over), I refrained and am using my stash!

Soon after, I got another email for another potential stash busting QAL from Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts!  The Ugly Christmas Sweater QAL.  Heck yeah!  Perfect place for more stash busting!

It also appears I’m not the only person wanting to clean up this year. Lorna linked to Jenn’s blog called A Quarter Inch From The Edge and her challenge.

grab button for A Quarter Inch from the EdgeJenn wrote her The Year of the Stash Manifesto with rules and flexibility which makes this much like a fabric diet that you can stick to, I think.  If you are interested, join in!


Happy quilting!

~ Emily



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