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Free Motion Quilting


I have had many people tell me they “can’t quilt” after they turn finished quilts in to me at our sessions.  Straight line quilting and using a walking foot is quilting!  There are a lot of things you can do with your walking foot, have some fun with it!  You don’t have to stitch in the ditch.  Make some waves and curves, or stop with your needle down and make a right angle or go crazy and make boxes!!  I find it best to spray baste when I am using my walking foot to prevent puckers.  You can find all kinds of great walking foot quilting ideas and tutorials on YouTube or Pinterest!

If you want to move on and try out that quilting foot, check out these great free motion videos. I highly suggest getting some scrap paper or a sketch book to draw out these designs.  Doodle and have some fun!  The key to these designs when drawing them out on paper is not to lift your pen/pencil.  You wouldn’t do that on the sewing machine, so don’t do it on the paper.  Continuous line drawing is what you can turn into free motion quilting.

These are just a few quick videos I found.  Keep exploring online!  I really like this Ribbon Curls design from whirlsnswirlsquilting on YouTube.  She has a lot of great videos showing you the flow of these designs. If anyone would like to buy me that APQS machine she’s using, I’d gladly accept it too 😉

Happy quilting!

~ Emily

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