Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

April 2017 Session Recap

In February, I challenged the ladies in my group with Sew Fresh Quilts’ Dog Gone Cute puppy blocks. This was a big change for some, but they all rose to the occasion and really enjoyed the block. It was so nice to see them all come back in March with their puppies, each one cuter than the next.  In March, I put all the puppies together and we were able to get 4 quilts a few kids at the Ronald McDonald House will surely enjoy.


Because the community quilts went over so well, we decided a monthly challenge would be fun.  In March, I chose the heart block pattern used in the #quiltsforpulse quilt drive. It’s a simple heart block that measures 10″ finished, perfect for 40″ RMH quilts. We had well over 20 heart blocks turned in last night and I have extended the invitation to all Cincinnati area RMH quilters (and beyond if interested) to make even more heart quilts.

In all, we had 20 quilts turned in last night. Check this out:

Next month wraps up year 2 our group has been together.  We have surpassed the 200 quilt goal set by 75 already….think we’ll hit 300?

~ Emily

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