Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

March 2018 Session Recap

The Ft. Thomas Ronald McDonald Comfort Quilters reached another milestone. We collected 37 quilts which means we’ve collected 301 quilts so far in our third year well surpassing our 250 quilts goal! Well done!! We still have 2 more months to go too!

We also had a great fabric giveaway laid out for all our quilters! I love seeing what everyone makes with all these pieces. We even had someone stop by and asked if we could use more fabric (HA! like we’d ever say no!). OK, let’s get on to the goods…

Our garden fence challenge block is slowly coming back in the form of some beautiful quilts:

The bento box kit is still challenging everyone too, but it’s a great victory to complete these adorable quilts:

The 10″ block + 4 patch is one of my favorites to get a little instant gratification, especially after a more time consuming quilt. What a great way to to make a fast quilt with a large print favorite:

There were all kinds of variations of panel and block quilts:

We had some fun pinwheel/star action too!

Here is a great quilt from Gloria using the Wilmington Prints Ripple Pattern.


Brenda got SUPER creative with some adorable pear fabric from the Windham fabrics donation:


I had some fun using an AccuQuilt machine to cut this scrappy log cabin:


Gloria made another super cute skateboard quilt. You can find a great tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company here.


Here are some more quilts for your viewing pleasure:DSC036281.jpgDSC036481.jpgDSC036261.jpgDSC03624.JPG


Lastly, I challenged the group with a cute little sheep block. I added to my example from last month and used 4 to make a full quilt. I had some fun with the quilting too:


Ginny made an adorable quilt with one sheep and multiple borders:


I cannot wait to see what everyone brings in next month when these little guys are due!

See you next month!

~ Emily

Check out what others are doing out there in the interweb!

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