Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

May 2022 Session

Hello! My sign up sheet was full this month at our May meeting! We had 43 quilts dropped off, as well as a bunch of pillowcases and bears.

We also had two visitors who chose to use their service hours to make a quilt each. Hamish (on right) was completing his National Honor Society hours and his brother William (on left) was completeing his hours for CCD at St. Catherine. A big thank you to them and their mom, Mimi for thinking of us and the kids we help 🙂

On to the quilts! Here are some of the quilts using squares:

Some super fun scrappy quilts, including Mom’s adorable painted giraffe:

Some bentos:

Some using panels or cheater fabrics:

Some 3 yard quilts:

I made some bears out of non-kid-friendly fabric to show how to use it up:

Pat brought more fantastic denim quilts that were delivered to DCCH:

And here are the rest of the quilts dropped off:

I was trying to prep some kits this month for this pattern called Evenflow. Some will be available in June.

We enjoyed the Cold Spring Library room – it had a super handy back door to the parking lot to load up easily! We’ll be meeting there again in June since the Ft. Thomas room was booked again.

See you then!

~ Emily

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