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#quiltsforpulse – finished!

I finally finished my #quiltsforpulse quilt! It’s all washed and quilty and will be shipped today! Yay!!

Thank you to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild for starting this wonderful mission. I love how much response you’ve gotten from all over the world!

I want to also thank for donating beautiful labels.  This is the first time I’ve ever labeled a quilt. They are a special company that prints these labels that has a QR code the recipient can scan and either hear or see a message you record. How cool is that? What an amazing gift! (Hint hint – you NEED to check this company out)

5 20160717_113149


Finally, I want to thank my friend, John(na) for giving me the inspirational words for the label. John(na) is a passionate person, a great writer, a mother of butterflies, and will do amazing things in their lifetime, I know it!!

I’m so happy to be mailing this off to Orlando. I hope my contribution will bring comfort to someone touched by this tragedy.

~ emily

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