Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

September 2016 Session Recap

Wow. Every night I come home from one of our sessions I am both exhausted and exhilarated.  Exhausted from working a full day then going to our session in the evening (work is really getting in the way of my craft life), but absolutely in awe and pumped from spending time with wonderful people for a good cause.  It’s a bit of a reboot for me with so much ugliness in the world to see some truly kindhearted people selfishly working together once a month.

Tonight we all brought projects to work on or turned in completed quilts. We had one new quilter to the group who got a lot of ooohs and ahhhs over her Singer Featherweight. What a lovely machine and person! And as always, we love the drop-ins/drop-offs to see familiar faces even if for a brief time.

We often receive a lot of panels as donations, and a lot were turned in tonight:

We also had some HST quilts that I will talk about in more depth on another post:

Here are the remaining quilts turned in, giving us a total of 24 for September!

We were also joined by 60 Ouch Buddies!  These are great for the kids to take to treatments so they have something to squeeze or hold for comfort. These little guys are always a hit, but this group is super colorful and fun!


To see our group’s progression, check out the Ft. Thomas RMH CQ Tally. We are currently at 86 quilts collected for year 2.  We are at 43% of our goal of 200 for this year and are only 4 months in – woohoo!!

Thanks to everyone for another great session 🙂

~ Emily


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