Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

October 2016 Session Recap

Whew! Another exciting evening spent with a great group of women! We had some new faces stopping in tonight which is always wonderful to see. I will apologize for some of the blurry pictures but I was laughing a lot while trying to take them all.  Thank you ladies for keeping up the good work! Here are the quilts that were turned in:

We had 63 ouch buddies turned in too but I failed to take a picture. I will soon post a tutorial on the buddies based off the RMH pattern.

There were some other side charities being discussed also which is always nice to hear about. Almost everyone here has their creative hands in other projects. I feel very lucky to know so many kindhearted people 🙂

To see our group’s progression, check out the Ft. Thomas RMH CQ Tally. We are currently at 110 quilts collected for year 2.

Thanks to everyone for another great session 🙂

~ Emily


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One thought on “October 2016 Session Recap

  1. I really love this recap page. Everyone can see all the quilts together in one place after the meeting. Such inspiration.


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