Hear Us Roar!

Has anyone ever been surprised that you quilt? It’s a hobby that assumes you’re a Grandma. Heck, maybe you are a Grandma! Many different kinds of people quilt and I’m happy and proud to be a part of this special and diverse community.

A few months ago, someone at work shared a GoFundMe link on our school Facebook page.  It was for an alum of the college who started a business and is now trying to empower women in Zambia by teaching them to sew.  If you click on the link, you’ll see not only are they accepting money, but also supplies!  I put out a call to our Ronald McDonald Comfort Quilters and received a great response! We gathered enough materials to pack a large box full for them!

I firmly believe if there is a way to empower and teach someone to better themselves in any way, you should do it! Digging through your stash (come on, most of us are hoarders) to send someone a couple of tools that could kickstart a new life is such a small gesture, but one that is so appreciated.

My Mom has a special group that she supports in Nepal, and has for many years.  Maryknoll Father Joe Thaler started a non-profit in 2005 with Arati Basnet and her husband Pradeep Singh Suwai in Kathmandu to help ease the difficulties of the brick makers with healthcare, women’s empowerment, education, and improvement of their overall livelihood.  The Maryknoll Sewing Training Program, directed by Govinda Khanal and has graduated over 300 students, is a ministry that gives “differently-abled” persons the opportunity to learn a livelihood and dignity through sewing.

Mom sent her latest masterpiece to the Sewing Training Program as a special gift so they could see what kind of work she does:


I love hearing about all the different charities people support and why.  Many of the ladies who come to our group in Ft. Thomas have multiple groups they support. What are yours?

~ emily

3 thoughts on “Hear Us Roar!

  1. I love that photo of the ladies examining the quilt! It’s a universal gesture, isn’t it?

    I sew for two charities: Project Linus and Covered in Love. I really enjoy making bright, cheerful kid’s quilts for the former. For the latter, I usually just contribute to their block drives, and learn some new blocks that way.


  2. Emily, you did a great job on this…I will send you next the e-mail I got today from Fr. Joe…with my framed owl quilt.  Love, Mom


  3. Hey Emily – I love the new ‘Charity” section of your blog. Your mom is such a wonderful and giving lady. I hope to see more in the near future. – Rebecca


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