Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

December 2016 Session Recap

We had a small but mighty group for the December session at the Ft. Thomas Library Tuesday! I was able to go through a fabric donation with some help from the ladies and was also able to give out more fabric! Can’t wait to see what they do with it 🙂

We had 23 quilts turned in on Tuesday. Here are some of the basic square patterns:

Here are some that got a little crazy!

Don’t forget, you can have fun with the back too, as Brenda did!

Rebecca made a fun scene with this border print:


We also get a lot of panels that are adorable. Adding some sashing and/or borders always helps make them a bit more your own:


I don’t know who pieced this quilt, but I had a lot of fun quilting it, thank you!


Millie turned in some fun stockings:


There were also some potholders for the House that were made from the extra pieces of one of the panels above:


And my very talented sister, who prefers to play with yarn that fabric, made some beautiful baby afghans to send to children in Appalachia. They are so soft!


I’m so proud of our small but mighty group! We have already hit the 75% mark of our goal for our 2nd year, and we have 5 months left!! Don’t forget to check out the tally of our group to see our progress.

Next month, the Newport Central Catholic High School cheerleaders will be coming with donations of fabric and help for their service hours. We are excited they are joining us again and look forward to their visit!

~ Emily

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