Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

February 2017 Session Recap

Last night the ladies rose to the challenge I made and agreed to tackle the Dog Gone Cute pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts to make some adorable puppy blocks. Some people stayed to work on their blocks, others took them home to work on and bring back in March. We even welcomed another a new quilter to our group 🙂

It was also a record night for the Ft. Thomas group! We collected 35 quilts AND we exceeded the 200 quilt goal I set for our second year with THREE MONTHS LEFT! Woohoo!

We received 12 kits with various designs using the standard 7×7 layout:

And we had some 5×5 layouts with borders:

There were a few cute panels turned in:

Here are 4 quilts that got creative with strips:

And finally, here are some quilts that got super creative:

Not only did we have 35 finished quilts to add to the tally, we also had 3 pillowcases, 4 stockings, 8 potholders, and 3 handmade stuffed animals.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s puppy blocks next month and turn them into our first community/group quilts!

~ Emily

Sew Fresh Quilts


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