Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

September 2017 Session Recap

Helloooooo! A HUGE Thank You to all that came out last night for the session! There was a lot of energy and fun in that room last night! I’d also like to say thank you to my Mom for giving us all a great disappearing 4 patch demo. I think she took some of the mystery out of that block when it comes to pressing and piecing. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing some pretty cool quilts next month showing off that new skill!

We collected a whopping 39 quilts last night! This is only month 4 of year 3 and we have hit 42% of our goal of 250 quilts!! Our highest ever collected was 40 in one session last year. I am floored by the amount of work all these ladies do each month, and the quality and cuteness (of course) of these quilts for the House are just getting better and better each month. I’m sorry these pictures don’t do these quilts justice, but here we go:

I know some people may think the standard RMH kit pattern can be kind of boring after a while, but look how all these great 7 x 7 block quilts came out:

Want to get a little fancier? Take away some blocks and add some borders:

Here are a few other variations on simple block patterns:

Some of us got even fancier and pulled some cool patterns we found on that big old interweb. I made another Swoon because I love this block so much and there have been some great sales on fat quarters lately:


Christy found an adorable hashtag pattern on Pinterest:


Millie got some great patterns from the Project Linus site. Check out these adorable paper pieced ladybugs!

This may be surprising, but some of us quilters have a lot of fabric. I know, I know, crazy talk, but it’s true. Here are some great stash busters that were turned in last night:

Last month we were still getting some Christmas present blocks from the June/July challenge, so Brenda took them and whipped them up into quilts for the House:

Also last month, I gave everyone the Garden Fence block challenge. Those blocks are due by the October session, but we had a bunch turned in already and two completed quilts were already done! These are super cute:

Whew! Thanks for hanging in there with me to see all these wonderful quilts! Next month I’ll have some new kits in the mix and also have a stack of quilts that need to be quilted that were dropped off last night. So, if anyone wants to get some quilting practice in, please reach out to me prior to the meeting or stop in and grab some!

~ Emily

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