Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

May 2018 Session Recap

We did it! We wrapped up our 3rd year and exceeded our goal of 250 quilts. We collected 337 quilts, 48 stockings, 428 ouch buddies, 18 pillowcases, and 2 oven mitts for the Ronald McDonald House in Greater Cincinnati, OH. Woohoo! We’ve made 794 quilts since June 2015! This has been a lot of fun 🙂

On to the goods… Here are some super fun kit quilts made with 6″ squares:

One groovy scientific quilt made with 10″ and 5″ blocks:


This is an I Spy kit – someone will be entertained with this:


Gotta love these quirky bento boxes:



6″ strips mixed with some 6″ blocks will whip up fast:

Here is another Garden Fence kit from a past challenge:


Someone turned in an adorable vintage panel:


Here are some gorgeous pinwheels made with sweet floral prints:



Our February sheep challenge was a big success! I think everyone enjoyed making these little lambs come to life:






For this session, I challenged everyone with a curved log cabin quilt. Stay tuned to see how those took shape when they are turned in at our July session!

On to our 4th year with a new goal of 300 quilts!

~ Emily

Check out what others are doing out there in the interweb!

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