Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

September 2019 Session Recap

Yay! We not only had our monthly session but an additional Quilt Day this month! So much fun 🙂 On to the goodies….

Lesley, one of our satellite quilters up in New Hampshire, sent TWO boxes of quilts and quilt tops! Here are 17 of the ones turned in this month.

Here are the other quilts dropped off by our group:

We also got LOTS of stockings done! Check these out:These were made with some great donated upholstery and cotton fabrics from our local art supply thrift store, Indigo Hippo. They were nice enough to open their overflow stash to us, which will be making stockings and quilts for months!


Sorry about the delay in the post, I ran out of space here and had to upgrade. So many awesome quilts!!

See you next month!

~ Emily



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