Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

October 2019 Session Recap

Our October was a chill session. I think we over quilted it in September (if that’s possible). We had 17 quilts and 6 stockings turned in.

Ginny learned how to make the Magic Christmas stocking and made 5 of them!


On to the quilts…..


Virginia has gotten a lot of quilts completed from this fabric this year!


She also has made some amazing scrappy quilts with this large donation of yellow fabric:


She made an awesome pokey Little Puppy quilt:


And came up with a great way to use up some charm packs:

Lastly, the Scrappy Challenge quilts that were turned in. Ginny did an awesome job getting out of her comfort zone and trying some new things. She combined the traditional piecedĀ and appliqued blocks into one quilt:


Here are my finished challenges:

This was the traditional pieced blocks using fun animal blocks from Sew Fresh Quilts:


My appliqued blocks I created off a free vector online:


And my paper pieced blocks using Wombat Quilts blocks:


I like how each turned out and am equally happy to be done with them!

Heather brought in a great donation that I will bring in November for people to shop.

Hope to see you then! Don’t forget, we are meeting on the 2nd Tuesday due to Election Day.

~ Emily

2 thoughts on “October 2019 Session Recap

  1. I really like making the quilt tops, but am having a hard time getting into the quilting part. Is there someone who likes the quilting part that would like more to do?


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