Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

February 2020 Session Recap

Hello! We had a lively February session in Ft. Thomas last week. We meet a possible new leader of an upcoming RMH evening group and welcomed a new quilter! We also had our orphan block swap, so hopefully some interesting quilts will be coming back soon as we figure out how to make all these blocks work. On to the 31 quilts turned in….

It’s pretty cool to see all the different designs and looks of simple squares:


Changing the size up a little makes a big difference too:


These two quilts are made with charm packs with a little extra for background:


We had some bentos:


Some fun with strips:


Some quilts made with panels:


Here’s a nice big vintage HST quilt:


Brenda got all fancy on us with some cute 3D bow ties and more kitties:


She also finished our first quilt using the blocks the NCC Cheerleaders made:


I finally pulled this quilt out of the time-out box in my closet and finished it:


And lastly, a cute little giraffe applique:


We have TWO meetings scheduled for next month, so I hope to have lots of quilts done and more out of my time-out box.

See you in March!

~ Emily

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