Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

January 2020 Session Recap

Welcome 2020!! The Ronald McDonald House Cincinnati Comfort Quilter program had a wonderful year and finished the 2019 year collecting 2,360 quilts! Well done Cincinnati area quilters! Our little Ft. Thomas group supplied 15% of those quilts which is awesome! The work our CQ groups and the generous quilters in the area provide means so much to the families who make RMH their temporary home.

With the House expansion of 99 more rooms, the Cincinnati House will be the largest in the WORLD! How exciting?!? We need to sharpen our needles and dig in to help support all the additional families as best as our little fingers can 🙂

The January session brought in 33 wonderful quilts:


This Star Wars quilt was made by our favorite feisty quilter, Ginny, who just celebrated her 90th birthday! Happy Birthday to her!




These two quilts are backed with an awesome clearance duvet cover that was found by one of our members and donated to make some funky backs.


How fun and weird is this? Thanks Heather!


Brenda snatched up the strips from leftover projects and made some great quilts:


And Virginia brought in some of my favorite scrappy quilts made with our never-ending yellow fabric from another generous donation:


I found some panels in the clearance area I couldn’t pass up:


We had some scrappy bento boxes:


Lastly, I finally got around to making this charm pack quilt. Virginia made this version a few months ago and I really wanted to make this into a kit. It’s so fast and easy and a great way to show off those charm packs we all have stashed around! I have an alternate layout for next month.


In February, bring any orphan blocks you may have laying around and any pre-cut squares or material you are looking to re-home. We can spread it all out and see what we can make from them! Save those strips too! We may have a stripper day to be determined…

See you in February!

~ Emily

2 thoughts on “January 2020 Session Recap

  1. This is the first time I’ve seen this website. The quilts are just beautiful. I make quilts for the United Methodist Church. Do you provide the material and the batting?


    1. Hi Renee! Each RMH CQ group kind of does their own thing. We are all volunteers and operate the best we can for this program. With donations, we often have fabric, kits and sometimes batting to help quilters out at the official sessions, but most of the quilters have a “stash” and use that. You can see all our session locations on the website: https://www.rmhcincinnati.org/volunteer/from-home/quilts/ and can reach out to a leader in your area. We also have a lot of home quilters that do things on their own and drop off quilts either at a session or directly at the House. We are happy for any help!


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