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Happy Fall!

This year is not quite what any of us anticipated, and I certainly miss the normal activities and gatherings we all had, especially fall festivals and art shows. To attempt to brighten up our lives a little in my house, I spent my August Quilt Camp time working on our fall quilt, and I got it on the bed now!

This quilt is a pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful called Candy Blossom in The One Wonderful Curve book. I’ve wanted to make this quilt for years, finally took a little fabric drive to Cardinal Quilts in Vevay, IN and found a focal fabric to chose my fabrics.

As I put these blocks together, I got more and more excited about it.

The pattern has sashing in between the blocks, but with the advice from my quilty friends, we decided not to put the sashing in, plus it was already a monster quilt since I made it much larger than the pattern.

I finished this quilt off with several borders, making this beast 104″ x 104″ for my queen bed. As you can, it has quite the drape.

I brought my quilt to Junk Drawer Fabrics in Melbourne, KY so that Michele Figgins could do the quilting. I chose a fall type of pattern, keeping it light and airy. Michele does a GREAT job – this is the 3rd one she’s done for me.

This is also the first time I’ve used wool batting. The quilt is not as heavy, breathes nice, but is still warm. We’ll see how it holds up as it gets colder!

As we enjoy the cooler temps here, I’ve also been gifted a giant cushaw squash from my lovely neighbor. I’ve never heard of this, but he said people use it to replace for pumpkin in pies. Well…to the Google I go!

I figured out how to handle this sucker and was able to get 10 cups of pureed squash to use for baking! I made bread, cookies, donuts and muffins. OMG, it’s so good. And one of the benefits of working from home, is I made some bread in between meetings 🙂

Don’t forget, the Ft. Thomas Ronald McDonald House Comfort Quilters will meet at the Ft. Thomas Library on Saturday, October 10th from 9-11 am for drop-offs and pick-ups of kits and goodies. I was given some lovely Moda fabric from Birdsong Quilting for our group and will have it ready for those who want it.

I hope we get a long enjoyable fall this year while we are all hunkering in still waiting this virus out. Please stay safe and healthy everyone!

~ Emily

6 thoughts on “Happy Fall!

  1. I love the curved piecing! The prints are all such fun designs. And the front porch looks so inviting and it just says, “come sit for a spell”.

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    1. Thanks Virginia! I forgot to add the picture of the test block I made and showed you all. I made it into a crazy RMH quilt, so you’ll see it next month. Hope to see you then!


  2. Emily,
    What an absolutely beautiful quilt. The warm colors remind me of fall leaves and the blue is the bright sky. Incredible! Thank you for sharing such an amazing creation.
    – Rebecca

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