Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

October 2020 Session

Here is a recap of what went down on Saturday for our 2nd library drop-off session:

  • great weather (thankfully)
  • 108 quilts for the Ft. Thomas group delivered
  • 30 stockings delivered
  • BIG fleece, notions & quilt book donation (thank you Connie!)
  • over a dozen masks for the Library donated
  • 60+ quilts and some masks from other groups dropped off
  • met a few new people 🙂
  • drove home safe & secure surrounded by about 22 bags full of goodies!

On to the pictures! Please click them to make larger. I tried to group them a bit, but there are so many, I’m going to withhold my typical commentary:

Ok, I HAVE to say something about these. Mom took some orphan blocks and used some applique designs to make these amazing quilts. She used fabric ink instead of all that tiny applique work. So fun!! You need to click these and see them bigger.

You made it to the end! All 108 quilts! Well done everyone 🙂

No meetings scheduled until next year. Enjoy the holidays, keep making awesome things and stay healthy!!

~ Emily

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