Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

April 2021 Session

Hello and Happy Spring-ish? We’ll warm up soon 🙂

Our Comfort Quilters had a great day in late April turning in quilts and blankets, meeting some new quilters and seeing some new patterns and techniques. We had 82 quilts & blankets donated!

18 fleece blankets, 44 quilts and 14 bears to the Rose Garden Home Mission. Thanks to my Mom & Dad who dropped them off for us. Mom said they were overjoyed with the unexpected donation and were very impressed with the quality of work. We are pretty awesome 😉

We held on to 10 fleece blankets and 10 of the larger quilts for the DCCH donation we’ll make near Christmas so we get a little head start 🙂

I received an email from RMH Kentuckiana (Louisville) who had received our items from February. Their families were so happy with the fun and bright quilts and blankets, they asked if we could possibly donate more since they have given out so many already. So, get your little crafty fingers going everyone, we have work to do!

Here are some of the items that were donated in April – it was a little windy, so I apologize if any of the donated quilts and blankets were not shown completely or may be blurry. You can click on the image for a closer look:

Here are some variations on the charm pack pattern:

We had a couple bento boxes turned in. If you have any fat quarters you aren’t in love with anymore, please consider donating them so I can make some more kits!

These flannel blankets are definitely going to be enjoyed!

I think I’m missing one of these fun quilts Virginia made, but these are a bit bigger and will go to DCCH. She went crazy with some fun embellishments on one of these:

And check out all these fun quilts:

We had a new quilter, Pat, join us who makes these really cool and REALLY heavy quilts using jeans and fleece. These are AMAZING and would be a great substitute for those weighted blankets. I only took a picture of one of the quilts (my holders arms were tiring), but we oohhh’d and aahhh’d over these for a bit. What a great technique for the jeans:

I also brought some Charity Bear kits I talked about in my latest Comfort Quilters newsletter. I have these guys ready to stuff in my quilt room, and when I have enough scrap fabric to fill one, I do! Less in the landfills and kids love them!

We had 28 fleece blankets turned in as well last month!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out – it was so nice to see you all. I had planned on our next session being in June sometime, but the 17 year brood X of cicadas are coming and ….ew. So, I’m looking in to some things and will let you all know via email on the options. Prepare for a Doodle poll!

Stay crafty & healthy.

~ Emily

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