Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

June 2021 Session

Hello! We had our first indoor drop off since March 2020 this month, right in time to avoid those cicadas! Only one of the lil guys managed to hitch a ride in to the room and somehow I was able to avoid having any of them on me during my entire visit and all my stops – yay!

I changed up the quilt kits this month and made 3 yard kits, then had a variety of 3 yard quilt patterns for our quilters to choose from. Here are the patterns I brought and my examples. Just click the title and you’ll be brought to the pattern designers page to download.

Easy Breezy

44″ x 60″

Oh So Sweet & Simple

47″ x 53.5″

Criss Cross

41″ x 52″

Picture Frame

44″ x 53″


44″ x 56″

I made my quilt a little different, compare the pics. Don’t be afraid to use your creative freedom to change something up!


49″ x 49″

Because I was using a large print, I didn’t want to cut all my blocks up and sew them together, so I pieced this from the inside out so I could cut strips.

We only had a handful of people come to the session, but it was SO NICE to SEE people!! And faces, and smiles! 🙂

Here are the quilts that were turned in, sorry I didn’t take pictures there and made my husband hold these up – he’s much taller and closer to the lights:

I also had a quilt mailed to me from Morrow, OH.

We had a bag of fleece blankets turned in as well. All of these will be going to the RMH Kentuckiana in Louisville, along with about 100 others from our Lebanon and Boone groups! The Clippard Y group also donated to them.

We will be resuming our regularly schedule sessions on the 1st Tuesdays of the month starting in August at the Library. If anything changes, I will email everyone.

I hope to see you all August 3rd! Bring your machine or a project and let’s get crafting!

~ Emily

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