Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

October 2021 Session

Thank you to everyone who came to the session last week! We had 14 quilts (I think) dropped off, as well well as several very generous donations of fabric and quilt tops. If I missed a picture of your quilt, I apologize, it was a little hectic.

According to the Pillowcase Committee (Mom) we’ve met our pillowcase goal of 100 pillowcases for the Children’s Home!! Special thanks to the St. Therese Altar Society who donated money so that we could purchase fabric for the pillowcase kits that you all have so enthusiastically taken and completed, especially after Mom’s demo. Now we need to rally to make sure we have 100 quilts by the next session. If you have any quilts or blankets to donate, please bring them to the November 16th session, which is the last for the year.

As most of you know, we volunteers rely on donations for supplies since we have no funding source. Whenever I do a quilty favor for someone, I just ask for a donation they are comfortable with if they insist on paying. I’m not a fundraiser by trade, but I always trying to think of ways to help our group when possible. Recently, I decided to make some fun critters to sell to see if I could raise some money for our group. I often buy fabric myself when I hear of a good deal, and I don’t want my husband to leave me when I open my trunk (or credit card bill). So, I made a Facebook and Instagram post to try to market the Critters for Charity I made. Take a look! Share if you want, or use it as a way to think of how you can use your creative talents to raise some money for either our group or just your own materials to continue your charitable efforts.

Starting in January, we will start some free motion quilting demos. If you are interested in learning or assisting a quilty friend for a one-on-one session after a demo during our normal sessions, please let me know. More information will follow, but I’d like to know who is interested in learning and willing to help.

See you next session 🙂

~ Emily

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