Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

November 2021 Session and a LOT of Thank You’s

Hello Comfort Quilters!

Our session last week was a BIG success! Lots of people, lots of donated items coming in, lots of items (fabric, tops, kits) going out to make into wonderful new items! It was such an energic group, and it was so great to see everyone who was able to come and welcome back Heather after much too long of seeing her smiling face (even if it was behind a mask) – we certainly missed her. We also got to invite some new wonderful people to our group – thank you for coming too!

Mom and Dad dropped off 108 quilts & blankets and 105 pillowcases to the DCCH Center for Children and Families this week for their Christmas celebration. They were overjoyed with our donation again this year and showed their appreciation over and over. A HUGE thanks goes out to my parents for not only storing all of these items for the last several months but also loading up two cars to take all the items out there. And thank you to Mom aka the Pillowcase Committee for keeping track of it all so I didn’t have to 🙂

I am so very grateful to lead this group of women who meet in Ft. Thomas to share their amazing spirits and talents, not just with organizations we help, but with each other. I think that is just as important and giving to the community, and I thank you all for that.

One newer member of our group spoke to her VFW Auxiliary Group about all the wonderful things we do and all the different places we help. Because of her enthusiasm and passion, she secured a donation for us to use towards materials and items to continue our efforts. Thank you to Vicki and the VFW Auxiliary Group for this generous donation!

Now, on to the pictures! This pattern is always a favorite:

We had some people turn in some newer kits I made too that turned out great!

We have some of the 3-yard patterns being turned in, just in time to fulfill that larger quilt request for the Children’s Home too!

We had some great quilts using panels or “cheater” fabric:

Some super soft flannel blankets:

These amazing quilts made with denim and backed with fleece, a great weighted blanket alternative:

And a bunch more that shall not be categorized:

As well as some amazing stockings by Pam, a member of our newly minted Stocking Committee:

Thank you to all the helpers who were holding quilts for pictures, folding & fluffing, packing, tearing down tables, and getting the room back in order for me. My feet and back appreciated all the extra help!

At the end of the night, we had 36 quilts & blankets turned in, as well as 17 pillowcases, 33 stockings, 26 bears, a trunk full of donated fabric, and 6 stuffed to the max grocery bags full of underwear and socks for the library’s Drop Your Drawers campaign! You are all AMAZING!!!!

Now, we get to focus on ourselves and our families over the holidays and will reconvene on Tuesday, January 4th. I’ll be prepping for the free motion quilting (FMQ) workshop with those who have signed up.

Don’t forget! In February, we’ll have a “Trash to Treasure Night” when you will go through your crafty closets and drawers and bring in items you no longer so someone else can do something amazing with it. Bring in books/magazines, patterns, notions, UFOs, etc. No random fabric at this event please, unless it’s part of a project. We’ll start at 6pm so we have an hour to put items out on tables, look (but don’t touch), then we’ll use a lottery system so we all have turns. After a few rounds, it’ll be a free for all 🙂

Congratulations if you got to the end of this long post! Happy Holidays!!

~ Emily

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