Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

August 2022 Session

In 3 short hours, our group collected 38 quilts, 3 fleece blankets, 18 pillowcases, cleaning products, and $90 that was whisked away by a member from the VFW, soon to be headed down to Pikeville, KY to help the flood victims.

We also had some really amazing fabric donations that filled my car, that will become more kits or up for grabs by our group soon.

Another awesome event was a visit by Rebecca and her husband, also bearing fabric donations for our group. She has been our Fairy Fabric Mother since she got me involved in the comfort quilt program 7 years ago.

Three hours. So much happened. I love this group and the helping hearts they all have.

Check out what was turned in:

And I cannot forget this amazing panel. If only I had a van to airbrush this onto….

Next month, we are going to have a stocking workshop and assembly line. We hope to get an organization to help us fill them to provide some cheer to the flood victims during the holidays. Keep an eye out for my email for more information 🙂

~ Emily

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