Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

September 2022 Session


Our stocking sweatshop was in full swing a couple weeks ago as the Stocking Committee showed some of our newer members how to make the Magic Stocking. We had a lot of wonderful fabric donations and everyone brought some fleece and batting pieces to frankenbatting togther to get to work.

We will be sending 100 stockings to John R. Little VFW 3186, Southgate, KY at next month’s meeting so they can stuff them and get them down to those affected by the flooding in KY. We sent 35 quilts this month and 9 pillowcases. Thank you to our member Vicki for getting our two groups together to help!

Here are the quilts that were collected:

We also collected 46 cat & dog kennel pads that I delivered to my contact in Scott County to get them to the shelters near the flooding as well.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, October 4 in Ft. Thomas. Please have any stockings for the VFW turned in then. We will continue to take them for RMH in Nov & Dec. I will also take kennel pads next month.

See you in a couple weeks!

~ Emily

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