Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

October 2022 Session

Once again, we exceeded expectations with our donations – well done all! Our group committed to make 100 stockings for the VFW to stuff for those affected by the flooding in Eastern KY, but brought in over 150! We also continued to help the shelters in that area by continuing to donate 17 kennel quilts, 19 fleece blankets, and of course, 24 more quilts, that’s kind of our jam. I dropped off 53 of the stockings to RMH and will continue to donate more as they are dropped off.

Check out all the fun quilts that were donated:

As always, thank you to everyone who dropped off items.

Our November meeting will resume with donations for RMH and they are in need of quilts. Let’s get those WIPs (works in progress) out of the closet and finished so we can have a couple big donation months before the holidays. See you soon!

~ Emily

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