Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

August 2018 Session Recap

Hello all 4 people who look at this! So sorry to keep you waiting, I’m very far behind on my monthly tasks here. Our session in August was nice and low key. It also had a great fabric swap/(free)sale!

Several months ago, we had a quilt block swap and the remainder of the quilts that were made with the blocks from our participating members came back! These are super fun:

We had some happy & bright quilts turned in this month! Kids are going to love these:

Had a few bento boxes turned in too:

And some people got a little crazy with other patterns – so fun!!


We had a total of 19 quilts turned in for August and 6 Christmas bags too for the House.

September 4th is our next meeting and the challenge was a quilt for a teen boy. See you then!

~ Emily

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