Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

September 2018 Session Recap

Hello! Time for the Ft. Thomas group’s RMH CQ session recap for September. We had 23 quilts turned in, 3 pillowcases and 6 large gift bags. Before the session, the House told me they have received 60 bags and were about halfway to their goal. I am happy to say that our group turned in half of that total before this session! Well done all!

A few months ago I challenged the ladies (because they love that) to make a teen boy quilt. I feel like those are the least turned in and quite honestly, are difficult to find fabric for, which everyone found out! The ladies rose to the challenge as always, and turned in some last month and 13 on Tuesday! Here they are:


These 2 teen boys quilts were from our satellite group. The pictures don’t do them justice:


Here is another satellite beauty:


Another challenge quilt was completed and turned in too from the block swap:


Here are some of the other adorable quilts completed:


Christy finished her Layer Cake Snowball quilt she learned how to do in Paducah. This came out so good! I cannot wait to try one:


And finally, I finished my 200th quilt for RMH!! How fun is this fabric?


That’s it! Another successful session for us in Ft. Thomas. Looking forward to seeing you all in October =)


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