Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

October 2018 Session Recap

Hello! I’m a little late this month posting, but here are the wonderful quilts that were turned in last week at the Ft. Thomas RMH CQ session.

But first, a few shout outs:

  • to Cheryl for reaching out and having me deliver some kits – she turned in 4!
  • Also to Connie for cleaning out her sewing room and donating lots of goodies to the group!
  • And to Rebecca for purchasing a ton of fabric for the group to continue making the giant gift bags!


A couple nifty Bento Boxes were completed too. Christy put a spin on hers, rebel:



Mom made great use of a couple fabric donations and made this cute quilt:


Ginny got all feisty with this scrappy gem:20181002_191754.jpg

Rebecca played with texture and bright colors with these:



Heather made 2 very different quilts using the same pattern. How cool are these?



Christy is on a roll using up her stash and trying to beat Ginny on # of quilts made:




I tried a new pattern:


And made come cutting errors with my Smitten Kitten, so they all got white stripes:


We had 24 quilts turned in last week and 6 giant gift bags. We are at 36% for the year on our quilts, so we need to average about 27 a month from here on out to meet our goal of 300 – come on everyone!! I will keep making and bringing kits to help us get to the goal.

Christmas is right around the corner it seems too! If you have any Christmas fabric, bust that out and make some quilts or stockings đŸ™‚

See ya next month!

~ Emily

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