Ft. Thomas Group Session Recaps

November 2019 Session Recap

Hello! This month, our group gifted a wall-hanging quilt to the Ft. Thomas Library in appreciation of the years of support by allowing us to use one of their meeting spaces since we started this group in June 2015. The quilt was made by using Angela Pingel’s Book Nerd quilt pattern. We were also lucky enough to get some fabric from Indigo Hippo which made these fun book covers using donated decorator samples.

Our little group turned in 16 quilts this month and 58 stockings just in time for Christmas at the House! I failed to get pictures of all those stockings, but here are the quilts:

Our next meeting will be on December 3rd and will have the Newport Central Catholic High School cheerleaders helping us with ouch buddies, stockings, and hopefully some quilts too!

See you then!

~ Emily


2 thoughts on “November 2019 Session Recap

  1. You did a fantastic job on the library’s quilt, Em. Impressive !!! 🤩See you soon.Love, Mom P.S. Do I have to bring my machine?  


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